About Us

Corporate Leaders Magazine is one of the acclaimed monthly/quarterly business magazines in the country. We aim to cater to Business Owners and Entrepreneurship Enthusiasts of the country with disruptive entrepreneurship stories.

Our sole focus is to bring about the stories of astounding leaders from the industries. Our stories fascinate yet inspire readers to kickstart their entrepreneurship journey. We bring eccentric journeys of business owners from every shore to enthrall our readers.

Our magazine has quickly expanded along with the needs of its readers, equipping entrepreneurs with the critical information they require and demand to grow their businesses.

Entrepreneurs have chosen to develop a community with our magazine–a place they prioritize go to learn how to face business challenges head-on and persevere. Every issue of Entrepreneur is as inspirational as it is informational, covering what inspires entrepreneurs while sharing their mantra to success.

Since our inception in (year), we have set continuous benchmarks in bringing up stories of successful entrepreneurship journeys. We are one of the premier publications to cover human stories and their journey. It is the first time to bring a whole new genre of business journalism- more up-close and more intriguing. Today, Corporate Leaders Magazine accounts for the most trusted community of readers from the entrepreneurship ecosystem.